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Naked Mind
This is a new type book, with a 'new' style of writing. I compare it to the modern style of cubists and impressionist painters. It brings 'Spirit' and our 'normal' sexuality out of a twilight closet into the full light of day to be critically examined – as 'humanity'-and then dispassionately dissected before our very eyes, by a 'unbiased reality'- a 'conscious'- in the full sense of the word -computer driven brain of a 'future' robot.
This is a book designed 'like the Arab spring' to 'Ignite NOW' a new 'Spring' of consciousness 'reality' Awareness and Awakening, right across the planet, past all religion and all dogma to a new way of expression. A new freedom of expression.
Death Match
My writing started in the 70's with my first book THE GLADIATOR now re-titled DEATH MATCH :
I used to hunt sharks all over, and then I met a guy in Australia Ben Cropp while diving the Barrier Reef on Heron Island.
He became involved in a Hollywood Production 'Death Match' a fight to the death with a Great White shark in a tank for $ 1 Million with closed circuit satellite TV to USA, RUSSIA, AND JAPAN.
I got involved in that production through a Hollywood friend, applied for and got the job as in my book “ Death Match'- Trained for it, but it was cancelled at the last minute by Jacques Cousteau.
I had just been through a messy divorce followed by two successive years of back to back bankruptcies – which clipped my wings -almost all my income was garnisheed for the next 9-10 years.
I wrote about 'Death Match' while in Saudi Arabia working for the US Army, sitting in a medical caravan clinic in the middle of a desert. When I got back to civilization I met up with MICHAEL SAYERS, The famous playwright and motion picture writer of the Bond movie, Casino Royal.