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Testimonials”A pleasant and delightful blend of science fiction, quantum physics concept, art, sensuality, futurism and reality. Intriguing, compelling, imaginative and truthful, this novel can make an excellent sci-fi movie. The author has an apparent in-depth knowledge of the quantum physics and energy fields, in creating “The Naked Mind”, a super computer brain inside a beautiful female robot that could see the human’s thinking and behaviour in the pure, unbiased and uninfluenced soul form. Great quantum physics and energy concepts learning through an enjoyable and refreshing sci-fi story. Highly recommended!”.


“Geoff, I brought your books home and Lisa started reading them !
She honestly thinks that the Naked Mind is great.
She was in Japan some time ago and thought that you’d been there since the descriptions were so real !
She thinks that this book would do really well in Japan since she feel that they are into sci-fi/technology.
Congratulations on your first unexpected fan !!
Will keep you posted on the Death Match review”.


I would just like to say – Big Thumbs Up for the clean, well written book.
Great support too by the look of it – although I didn’t need any help – the book is so well written and I RARELY give out praise for books !
Thanks and well done.