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New Book Release - TORONTO (PRWEB)

Toronto (PRWEB) May 1, 2014

The Featured book is The Naked Mind.

It expresses Transhumanism, Futurism and Spirituality.

A new freedom of expression.

One that unlocks the potential of the 'human mind', with artificial intelligence and robots. YOU as the reader, like the Arab Spring can ignite the future of human consciousness.

YOU as the reader are a seed in earth's unfoldment to Ascension.

This is a new type book, with a ‘new’ style of writing. I compare it to the modern style of cubists and impressionist painters. It brings ‘Spirit’ and our ‘normal’ sexuality out of a twilight closet into the full light of day to be critically examined – as ‘humanity’-and then dispassionately dissected before our very eyes, by a ‘unbiased reality’- a ‘conscious’- in the full sense of the word -computer driven brain of a ‘future’ robot.

This is a book designed ‘like the Arab spring’ to ‘Ignite NOW’ a new ‘Spring’ of consciousness ‘reality’ Awareness and Awakening, right across the planet, past all religion and all dogma to a new way of expression. A new freedom of expression.

Behind 'The Naked Mind'

From Which Nothing Can Be Hidden

By Geoffrey Mann follows the story of Laura, a robot who accidentally downloads her creator’s mind and experiences what it means to be human. Through her creator’s feelings and sensors, as a robot, Laura is able to delete the unconscious mind blocks, that humans are afflicted in a world with deepening financial, political and social unrest. An unlikely hero emerges to expose humanity for what it is and to be able to unlock the true potential of the human mind.

After having an accidental ‘direct mental connection’ with her ‘creator’s human brain’ which she downloads the Laura Robot is electronically able to suppress all the ‘human’ unconscious blocks and limitations and so can clearly see us, and describe for us the ‘human journey’ from the viewpoint of a ‘The Naked Mind’, from which nothing can be hidden.

We all ‘Manifest’ continually, converting our ‘invisible thoughts’ into ‘spoken’ words as conversation, and into ‘frozen thoughts,’ as written and recorded speech and music.

In his book ‘Kinship With All Life’, J. Allen Boone states: Everything is ‘Seen’ by everyone at an ‘unconscious’ level – especially animals, who can make infallible immediate judgments - from which there is no possible cover up by humans.

ROBOTS are DEATH to the WORLD as we know it.
They represent political and economic suicide. The only reason they are not already massively amongst us is that they would replace 90% of the 8 billion human workforce.
They will first be introduced and tested in the sex industry. Their skin, normal to touch, has been around in Japan for a decade. All the engineering technology is already available. The timing of their introduction to the world to avoid mass panic and anarchy is everything.
First, the 8 BILLION HUMAN population will be REDUCED 80-90% by “TERRORIST” attacks using ‘chemtrails’ of militarized Smallpox, Anthrax or Ebola: Prior immunization will protect the elite.

Robotics will form the future Military/Police /Surveillance / Medical /Industrial/ Agricultural & Labor force on earth and in space. Robots are better, smarter and more durable. They will be powered by the earth’s magnetic field. Earth is a giant ELECTRICAL GENERATOR. Almost a century ago, Nikola TESLA drove a two ton Pierce Arrow automobile 90 mph without an engine using the Earth’s magnetic fields. This is all suppressed technology. With no need for energy! How many workers in the oil and energy sector alone would be out of work? Only in original creation can humans surpass robots.
No humans will be needed to run the automated planet except for central human ‘nodes’ that will oversee and direct their function. In my book ‘The Naked Mind,’ set in the near future, an advanced robot accidentally downloads her designer’s mind & experiencing the feast of human sensations knows she too must have them. How she ‘sees humanity’ from a unemotional point of view, shows the dilemmas we will all face in the near future when the elitist robotic plan will go into effect.
Geoffrey MANN, Author of ‘The Naked Mind’.

“This novel required the use of a non-emotional platform of robotic computer technology to highlight concepts not yet considered possible for humans,” said Mann. “To blend ancient alchemic technologies with hard, modern quantum physics, to lay bare the daily crucifixion of our body energy antenna, distorted by our religions, beliefs and sexuality.”

This book will appeal to the following types of individuals:

Everybody who is SPIRITUAL but not religious will enjoy this book.

Everybody who liked THE MATRIX and AVATAR movies will enjoy this book.

Everybody looking for CHANGE a new way of thinking-- or LIVING - who are into NATURE will enjoy this book.

All the New Ager’s who like adventure and spiritual love stories- will enjoy this book.

Everybody who is 'fed up' with the way things are done, and run around the world whether Politics or Government or Military of taxing or Pharmaceuticals or all governmental agencies and the Authoritative regimes - who want change planet wide through a SPRING of Consciousness awakening planet wide will enjoy this book.

Geoffrey Mann was trained in the literary arts during the late seventies by Michael Sayers, the New York playwright and motion picture screenplay writer. The Naked Mind is his second novel.

For more information and Mann’s multi-platform e-books and his first novel, Interviews and Utube videos, visit:

The Naked Mind

By Geoffrey Mann
Available in Hardcover and downloadable Kindle.
ISBN: 978-0-9881106-0-1

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