Literary Background :
Co-owner, founder & editor of the first 'Online' publishing company and library, 1997 Tara Publishing Co Ltd, and 'The Electric Book Store' with more than 130 titles, both of fiction and non-fiction.
Publisher of the first ever simultaneous, E-book and [Penguin] paperback release.
Was rigorously trained in the 'literary arts' during the late seventies, by Michael Sayers, New York Playwright, & Motion Picture Screenplay writer.

Interests :
Writing - Painting - Technology research- Nature- Travel.
Active research over the past 24 + years into the understanding, and the engineering of, consciousness. Special interest in the relationships between brain function, physics, physiology, and the psychology of our so-called 'reality.'
Presently :
I wrote the ‘The Naked Mind' over the past two years to bring these relationships between the human brain, physics and psyche together, and demonstrate this journey. It required using a non-emotional platform of robotic computer technology within the story, to highlight concepts not yet considered possible for humans: To blend ancient alchemic technologies with hard, modern quantum physics, and lay bare the daily crucifixion of our body energy antenna systems, distorted by our religions, beliefs, and sexuality.
In an epilogue, the 'Game of Life,' is exposed, exploring what G.O.D. as 'Alchemic Geometry', and, the ‘after life’ really are, using a fictional, post-Mayan Calendar setting of the year 2018.
Have traveled most of my life.
I have lived in Sri Lanka, Australia, the South Pacific, London, Europe, Saudi Arabia, parts of the U.S.
I presently reside in Canada.