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The Naked Mind

The Naked Mind:
The year is 2018

Laura, a prototype-robot has been listed for termination.
After accidentally sharing her creator’s brain and experiencing the `rich sensory feasts’ of human `aliveness,’ Laura recognizes her absolute need to survive and explore the biological world through a human brain. Michael, orphaned, his face grossly scarred, is overcome when she, recognizing his deepest need, cleverly says that she loves him.

Labeled and hunted as the world’s most wanted terrorist, she narrowly escapes capture with all her accumulated knowledge after Michael is tortured into revealing her location. Accessing the suppressed technology of Nikola Tesla, she harnesses the planet’s power and designs her own `qubit’ quantum computer brain, the first of its kind. Now as `pure’ energy she can explore consciousness itself in search of the human `GOD’ concept.

Using Earth’s satellites, she reveals to humans exactly how they have been duped, manipulated, and for centuries, deliberately deprived of their birthright: that Earth ended with the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012, that humans now live in a dream within a dream, and how they can reclaim the awesome, forgotten powers they have always had. In doing so, she demonstrates the technology of healing, the science of miracles, and the process of transfiguration.

Many awaken. Manifestation begins.

Laura creates twelve children, all triplets. All are genetically engineered to write a final chapter in earth’s living history, but what happens next is unbelievable even to Laura.

Also by Geoffrey Mann in a simultaneous release ‘Death Match’ – based on a true Hollywood event. Closed circuit – round the world televised u/w fight between ‘a man armed with a knife and a Great White Shark in a tank!

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Artist Reception

Detroit, MI on November 16, 2012

Barbara Greene Mann -This Tells It All
An Artist Statement, and Biography, 2012

[image align="left" alt="Babs-Detroit-Gallery-Opening"]http://www.electricbookstore.net/images/Babs-Detroit-Gallery-Opening-Nov-16-12.jpg[/image]

My Art comes from subconscious thoughts, dreams, and unseen possibilities. I paint in watercolor and love the flowing qualities of this medium. Sometimes by adding collage I increase the novelties I may discover. Guided by My Muse, I can transform these images into new attainable achievements, discovering the tales I am here to tell.

Like a great invisible force, I want to conqueror and save our world from destruction, to save our animals and all the inhabitants on the planet from extinction, and manifest, transform a world, to one that is harmonious.

So with my paintbrush in hand, I enter the battlefield to reorganize and design planetary goodness. Humor and imagination offset the harshness of this captured existence. Elevated resistance fuels my ongoing stubbornness to the things I want to change. It seems like I have fought these battles before but the years bring on new challenges and new men of genius to provide guidance and lead our world to new heights of glory.

Harmony and peace are seeking a rebirth. These are my dreams and my truths; I hope you enjoy a new look at life and the world through my eyes.


Barbara Greene graduated from Wayne State University (1973) with a Masters degree in Fine Arts, majoring in printmaking. She worked as an independent artist for over 14 years exhibiting her art throughout the Detroit area and across the U.S.A, including the Detroit Artists Market, the Willis Gallery, Alpena Art Museum, solo exhibit and Watercolor USA, prize winner.

In 1984, Ms. Greene entered the Occupational Therapy program at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia to study Occupational Therapy. Two weeks after graduation she began another new career, Motherhood. Ms. Greene and her son moved to Lakeland, Florida, closer to her family where she worked as a Therapist to support herself and her son.

In 1994, Barbara married and moved with her husband to Barrie, Ontario. She worked as an O.T. for fourteen years and eventually moved to Toronto to renew her art career full time.

New York “ Illegitimate and Hysterical”, A.I.R.Gallery,2012
Europe Culture Inside, Luxemburg, 2011-2010, Winner in the competition
Toronto Workman Arts Being Scene, Barwicki Gallery, Gladstone Hotel, 2012
12” x 12” at AWOL, 2012
Fashion Couture, Art Gallery of Ontario, Ten Artists design Runway Fashions, 2012
TTC, Commuter Art , Toronto’s Subway System, Art in Public Places, 2011
Non-traditional Portraits, Nuit Blanc, Propeller Gallery, 2011
Queen Street West Art Crawl, 2010
Solo Exhibit AWOL Gallery, 2010
Who Dun’ It, benefit show for OCAD, Ontario College of Art and Design, 2010
Performance Film

“The Purse heads, “song and poetry, Showcase Performance, 2011
Calgary Film Festival, Cans As Coffins, 8mm, 2009
Rendez View with Madness, Our Little Nest and You Got Me, 8mm 2009

Luella Hannan Foundation
4750 Woodward Ave
Detroit, Michigan 48201
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[link="http://www.hannan.org/index.php/ellenkayrod.html" variation="orange" target="blank"]www.hannan.org[/link]
[link link="http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/barb-greene-mann.html" variation="orange" target="blank"]Fine Art America[/link]

Water Color and Collage

by Barbara Greene Mann

November 9 – January 4, 2013
Artist Reception
November 16, 2012
5-8 pm

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