The Naked Mind :
Featured Book is The Naked Mind, features
Transhumanism, futurism and Spirituality.
The Year is 2018
Laura, a prototype-robot has been listed for termination.
After accidentally sharing her creator's brain and experiencing 'rich sensory feasts' of human 'aliveness,' Laura recognizes her absolute need to survive and explore the biological world through a human brain. Michael, orphaned, his face grossly scarred, is overcome when she, recognizing his deepest need, cleverly says that she loves him.
Labeled and hunted as the world's most wanted terrorist, she narrowly escapes capture with all her accumulated knowledge after Michael is tortured into revealing her location. Accessing the suppressed technology of Nikola Tesla, she harnesses the planet's power and designs her own 'quibit' quantum computer brain, the first of it's kind. Now as 'pure' energy she can explore consciousness itself in search of the human "GOD" concept.

Using Earth's satellites, she reveals to humans exactly how they have been duped, manipulated and for centuries, deliberately deprived of their birthright: that Earth ended with the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012, that humans now live in a dream within a dream and how they can reclaim the awesome, forgotten powers they have always had. In doing so, she demonstrates the technology of healing, the science of miracles, and the process of transfiguration.

Many awaken, Manifestation begins.
Laura creates twelve children, all triplets. All are genetically engineered to write a final chapter in earth's living history, but what happens next is unbelievable even to Laura.
The Naked Mind :
Our Mission
This site is dedicated to our planet Earth and all its peoples.
We intend it to be Spiritual but not Religious.
To extend knowledge in all its diverse forms as power.

We give priority to Earth's Living Library -all its birds, animals, plants and marine life forms. We welcome contributions in all its practical formats from all likeminded people worldwide. We intend to create specialized forums and blogs for information exchange; and when we find enough people of 'like mind' to work with us, we intend to build Cyber City -A CITY 4 SQUARE of biblical proportions where everybody on earth can participate with their various talents. Together creating the enormous wealth required to stop forever all whaling, all the harvesting of dolphins the killing or capture of all wild life. The selling of Ivory and animal products and the preservation of earths beauty; its reefs and habitats using the sheer power of massive wealth created and used just for that purpose. We humans are the Gatekeepers for all life on this planet.
We on this site aim to take back that original ancient responsibility and make it a reality while there is still life. This is our mission.

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